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Do you handle every stage of my project?

Yes! Our full-service construction firm will be with you for the entire project from the first ideas, until after construction, through warranty period and in most cases beyond as we build long term relationships with our clients. You receive turnkey project management services and we oversee the entire project, so you don’t have to.

How long does it take to build a home?

The honest answer is, it depends. The size and type of your new home will determine the length of time it will take. Right now, we are delivering homes in 6-8 months depending on permit guidelines. You will receive an estimate of when construction will commence and be completed so you can prepare accordingly. Currently the entire industry is battling material issues, labor issues, supply issues and freight issues and this volatility can have an impact on timeline. 

What kind of selections can we make to personalize our new home?

In most cases you get to choose paint colors inside and out, door hardware, countertops, fixtures, and more in your design consultation.  Next, we make appointments to go shopping for floor coverings, tile, and lighting…our interior design team and vendors make this a fun and guided experience! You have the option for upgrades in 20 categories and we also have a process to try and help provide those truly special requests even if all you have is a photo. 

What will my project cost? What is a Square Foot price for my home?

We will start with a base price and then provide upgrade options from there. You are presented with a no-nonsense price once we have integrated your upgrades as you personalize your home. Quality of materials, workmanship and finishes of a home can vary the price dramatically. Therefore, it’s been said that it is easier to compare the cost per pound for a car than it is the cost per square foot of a home. 

Do I need to have a floor plan before I call you?

No! There are many floor plans to choose from. Our clients appreciate the thoughtful way we layout our homes and are more than satisfied with our selection.

How do you deal with the volatility in the building industry?

Our pricing approach considers past project costs, recent material quotes, and budgets to eliminate the worry about hidden fees or surprise expenses. You will appreciate our transparency as we discuss where the numbers are as you are making choices every step of the way. Even in the most volatile times of our industry we have been able to stay within 0-5% of the budget on our projects.

Can you provide a list of references?

Yes! It is our pleasure to provide you with references of clients who have trusted us with projects like yours. Feel free to ask around the area to get a candid idea of our reputation.

What kind of warranty comes with our new home?

Anthem Pacific Homes stands behind our craftsmanship. You receive an extensive workmanship warranty program for the first year with emergency contacts, protocol for requesting urgent items that are warrantied and encourage you to keep a list of aesthetic items we are glad to come back and look at between the 11th and 12th month of ownership. Your home also comes with a full 6-year limited warranty for designated structural elements which are all outlined in the warranty booklet that will be provided for your peace of mind.  

How do I get started? What should I do first?

That’s an easy one! Just call Anthem Pacific Homes today at 208.981.0448 and schedule a complimentary consultation. We will discuss floor plans, design style, location, square footage, timelines and securing financing, if needed. After a brief meeting about your unique project, we will be able to provide a roadmap of how the project will progress. We look forward to hearing from you!

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