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Building Process



Our goal at Anthem Pacific Homes

Our goal is to exceed your expectations! You have entrusted us to build your new home that you will spend years enjoying with family and friends.  As your homebuilding professional, our team takes this very seriously. Anthem Pacific Homes wants to give you plenty of time and opportunity to consider the items you want in your new home.  At the same time, we want to be respectful of your budget, schedule, and home loan rate lock if you have one.

From Start to Finish – Our Building Process


Orientation: Sit down with our build team to discuss our process and review plan options.  We will also discuss the schedule of the process and possibly start finalizing design choices. This is a great time to bring your questions as well.

Design Phase: Meet with the build team to discuss your selections and finalize decisions on items that are needed for permitting and/or have extended lead times. At the end of this meeting, we will be ready to sign off on the plan and begin the permitting process.

Finish Phase: Our expert in-house design consultant will guide you in further personalizing your new home. We help you finalize the finishing touches and details of the project.

Quality Walk: This happens after framing and all Rough-Ins (HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing) are complete. The builder rep and project manager will meet with you on-site so you can see the components before they are covered up with insulation and drywall. Many homeowners like to take a video or lots of photos of the interior walls of their home. Once the drywall goes up, the photos you take during this walkthrough will come in handy to help you avoid drilling into a pipe, duct or wiring as you hang up the wall décor.

New Home Orientation: The time has come to see your finished home for the first time!  The build team will meet you at your new home approximately 7-10 days prior to your close date. This will include a review of the home’s operation and the warranty program.

Move-in: Have all the utilities transferred into your name and your homeowner’s insurance policy in place before you sign the closing docs and that’s it! CONGRATULATIONS!

The 11-Month Check-in: We want to know that you are enjoying your new home before the One-year builder warranty expires. We take this opportunity to check in with you so we can take care of any warrantable items prior to this expiration.


Our slogan, “Let’s Get Started!” embodies our action-oriented, team mentality and work ethic.

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